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TPC has been providing quality service to our clients in the power industry for over 55 years. The Power Division was one of the two original divisions that started TPC. These linemen specialize in high-voltage power construction, which includes everything from new construction and maintenance to emergency storm restoration. 

We work for many types of entities including investor-owned utilities, cooperatives, municipal-owned power companies, and even private companies. Our experienced crews allow us to work for many types of customers as TPC brings a unique mix of manpower skills, new technology, safety oversight, and management to address all types of construction for any customer we work with. 

At TPC, we pride ourselves on completing our projects on budget, and on time, while putting safety first, last, and always!


  • Distribution

  • Emergency storm response

  • One-touch make-ready (OTMR)

  • Substation construction

  • Transmission

  • Renewable energy

  • ADSS (power space)

  • Smart Grid - Distribution Automation Circuit Reconfiguration

  • Advanced Metering Infrastructure - Smart Meters

  • Small cell installation in the power space

  • Industrial construction

If you are interested in being added to our storm roster, please head over to the bottom of our careers page to contact our storm team!

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