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Electrical Apprenticeship in Partnership with ALBAT - IBEW

To work in our power division you must go through your IBEW Local Union.

Our process for apprentices advancing steps in the program is based on OTJ (on the job) hours (1000 per step), course curriculum, and related classroom instruction.  Apprentices must always remain under the direct supervision of a Journeyman Lineman.  Apprentices can work up to 500 volts as a 1st or 2nd step. With all scopes of work, the apprentice must understand the task at hand, the hazards associated with the task, and how to mitigate the hazards. 


When an apprentice has reached 2000 hours of on-the-job training, they are considered a hot apprentice. Hot apprentices can work on lines over 500 volts. Before becoming a hot apprentice, they must go through OSHA T&D, electrical theory, insulate/isolate, personal protective grounding, and many other trade-related classes. 

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